btrfsmanteinance scripts and fstrim.timer possible confict

In a new install with an SSD I see the fstrim.timer enabled and set to weekly, which is fine.
The problem is that btrfsmanteinance also sets the fstrim weekly as a cron job, in the config file located at /etc/sysconfig/btrfsmaintenance I see:

## Path:              System/File systems/btrfs
## Description:    Configuration for periodic fstrim
## Type:             string(none,daily,weekly,monthly)
## Default:          "none"
## ServiceRestart: btrfsmaintenance-refresh
# Frequency of periodic trim. **Off by default** so it does not collide with
# fstrim.timer . If you do not use the timer, turn it on here. The recommended
# period is 'weekly'.

But it is not off, actually I can find it in /etc/cron.weekly/.

Can this be a problem? maybe a bug needs to be submited?

Does not hurt to run trim It simply releases deleted sectors. On SSD it allows more efficient use and allows the SSD controller to do a hard erase and reuse the memory. And it may be that the btrfs function simply creates the cron job

Yes, the problem is that trim is scheduled to run weekly by two different services, one is the fstrim.timer and the other is the cronjob provided by btrfsmanteinnance.
Maybe it won’t hurt to run fstrim twice, but I think if fstrim.timer is enabled then the line BTRFS_TRIM_PERIOD=“weekly” from /etc/sysconfig/btrfsmaintenance must be commented.

OK, there’s already a bug report for this:

Maybe I should do a research in bugzilla before posting :smiley: