Hi all,

I installed openSUSE Tumbleweed 2 weeks ago on a btrfs partition. This caused me a lot of CPU activity which could go up to 30% of my AMD FX-8350 CPU. A lot of btrfs maintenance and cleaning services were the ones causing this.
So I re-installed and this time using EXT4.
Still, when I look at

systemd-analyze blame

I see


Does it need to be part of my system, or can I delete it? It will reduce boot-time with over a second. In Ksysguard there is no mentioning of a btrfs service running. In Yast’s softwaremanagement I see I have 5 btrfs packages installed. Why?

My partition scheme is:

So my question is: do I need the btrfs packages or can they safely be removed?

Understood you “want” to deinstall the btrfs packages you do not need and I think you can just give it a try, but there is a risk that something breaks (which should be easily repairable by reinstalling).

Another way to do this is to use “systemctl disable” to disable the service.

Not perse. Other services can call such a service. If you actually want it to do nothing, ‘systemctl mask blah.service’ is the way to go. It can get called that way, but it’s actual actions will go > /dev/null.

Since you have no btrfs, you can remove the packages without risk. You may need to lock them, since they might otherwise get reinstalled as recommends.