Just curious
When doing a

sudo systemd-analyze blame

on my tumbleweed KDE

i find a service called


But i don’t use btrfs, just ext4 (and swap)

Why? And is there a possibillity to switch it off?


Check its status with

systemctl status btrfsmaintenance-refresh.service

If necessary, you can stop it and disable it.

I have this bookmarked. >=] Because otherwise “init 3” hangs.

systemctl disable btrfsmaintenance-refresh.service
systemctl disable btrfs-balance.timer
systemctl disable btrfs-scrub.timer

Here’s a somewhat related article I wrote recently:

There are several Btrfs related systend units installed by default. They will be neither enabled nor active. You can check and change this using:
YaST > System > Services Manager

Thank you all for responding!
I’ll dive into it and I will be trying the solution xorbe gave me!