btrfs-trim and fstrim.timer

**systemctl list-timers**
shows I have the active fstrim.timer.


I also found
and disabled it in

I just ran
**systemctl restart btrfsmaintenance-refresh**
which seemingly deleted

**systemctl status fstrim.timer**
shows it’s still active.

So what I’m wondering is:

  • Are there two different things trying to trim once a week?
  • Do I simply **systemctl disable fstrim.timer** to get rid of it?

My goal is to manually run these maintenance operations.

I see
are the same.

are not the same.

Description=Discard unused blocks

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/fstrim -av

Where the version on github has
and the openSUSE fstrim.service isn’t calling btrfs-trim.

So if
[FONT=courier new]/etc/cron.weekly/btrfs-trim
[FONT=arial]calls [/FONT]
[FONT=arial]then it seems like two things are trying to trim once a week.

This is apparently fixed in Leap 15 (my default is BTRFS_TRIM_PERIOD=“none”).

And for the other:
**systemctl disable fstrim.timer **does permanently disable it;
although, **systemctl stop fstrim.timer **is also needed for the current session.