BTRFS snapshot recovery

Hi all,

I’m running OpenSUSE 13.1 with btrfs and I’ve been silly enough to remove /usr/bin.

Am I right in thinking I can recover this with the btrfs snapshots that are taken? If so, how without YaST, which is in /usr/bin.


Boot from rescue DVD, mount filesystem and snapshot and copy data from snapshot into filesystem. I do not think YaST has any support for it anyway.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Where are the snapshots located?

In the ‘.snapshots’ directory on the root of whichever filesystem. In
your case, probably /.snapshots

Good luck.

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Actually Yast have full support for it :slight_smile:
I had roll back the system twice using Yast/Snapper
granted the system was not totally housed , just bad driver and bad network config.
but still nice option.

Would have used snapper, but it was in /usr/bin. Used the recovery Dvd, which worked a treat.