BTRFS partitioning for dummies? (a.k.a. is it enough to just select 'btrfs' for root?)


Upon installing Leap 15 I get to the partitioning stage, where there’s a recommended partitioning scheme. Since my disk is somewhat smaller ssd, I decided to create my own scheme, with a 30 GB partition. What makes me think is that on the suggested partitioning, it says something that also 10 subvolumes are created for the / btrfs partition.
Now, I expect that to be the correct course of action for a btrfs root partition to work properly, so my question is: If I instead create a partition, mark it as btrfs and /, will the YaST installer create all the needed subvolumes automatically, the same way it’s done on a suggested partition scheme?


I see you suggested yourself to make the root partition a Btrfs one with snapshotting and a size of 30 GB. You did read the recommendation to have a minimum of 40 GB in such circumstances?

Thus better go for Btrfs without snapshotting (and that will make the subvolumes useless, but I may be wrong here) or go for ext4. Then 20 GB is the minimum.

If I select 40Gigs, will it create subvolumes automatically?

If you use the install defaults it should be 40 gig Sub volumes are created for root automatically as far as I know. . But in any case the the final screen before it does the partitioning will show exactly what is planed and you can modify there if needed. Not in BTRFS world sub volumes are just separate Btrees and take no additional space, Just a way to organize and optimize the file structure. .

I do not think it will do it in Leap, but it is easy to test. I think TW contains improvements that allow to configure the same default set of subvolumes both in guided and expert modes.