btrfs fine tunning

Hi, i am having a persistent problem that i have not figured out how to solve, because i do a lot of distro hopping i installed other distros and today i just re-installed Tumbleweed again, i really like it i would choose it as my daily driver but this kind of issues keep me not doing so, ramdonly it hangs for a second or two, then all works fine, several minutes later it happens again and so on, i have read it is posible btrfs is causing this due to its snapshot feature, how can i check this? i installed it using defaults, so it is not a config setting i have done, in other distros there is not such hangs, it isnot a hardware problem either.

Snapshot creation is triggered by specific events… ie Things that happen. Snapshots are not created constantly, see Snapper documentation for the specifc reasons when a snapshot is created.
Am guessing that you’ve installed a Desktop which is running an updater applet (eg apper) when you first boot up.
And, because this is Tumbleweed, your updater is probably calculating a very large proposal for upgrading your system.

If this is what is happening…
Maybe just wait 15 minutes or so which should give a running updater time to complete. Note if the pausing continues or not.
Follow through and upgrade your Tumbleweed. Then you shouldn’t see your system spoarically pausing when you first logon for at least the next few days.
Disable your automatic updater. But, this has consequences. Manually update regularly and don’t forget.
Perhaps change your Desktop if your system is over-burdened whenever heavy background processes are running.

Good Luck,

For Tumbleweed the Updater applet should not be used at all. The only recommended way to update TW is

zypper dup

And yes, that leads to snapshots taken.

IMHO your title is not in concurrence with your problem. You have a problem (system hanging for a few seconds), but instead of asking help for that, you jump to a conclusion and ask about BtrFS and snapshots. Again IMHO, such a problem title anddescription will bring you a lot of answers that are of no use in solving your real problem.