BTRFS default no longer only on openSUSE

RH just announced that BTRFS will be the default on its Fedora 33 Beta.
Not surprisingly, not on RHEL.

Fedora adoption of BTRFS as its default is surprising reversing a decision made years ago that no RHEL product would use BTRFS, and kudos to the BTRFS people who have worked so hard over the years as well as to the people at openSUSE who made the original decision to implement BTRFS as well as the work creating Snapper.


I tried btrfs on Fedora.
I was not able to make the btrfs’ layout that I wanted with Anaconda. I think that someone have to wait for a better Anaconda-btrfs relationship.
I read that nobody from RHEL is working on btrfs. Someone from Facebook is helping on Fedora btrfs issues.

What are you trying to do that is so unique?

I’m not aware that a default Anaconda install should have any issue on any distro using any filesystem…
A default install is fairly simple in concept…

An Anaconda is downloaded as as a directory tree which can be located anywhere, but by default is a subdirectory of your User directory so that it’s easy to deploy on VPS (ie in the cloud) where a person might not have write access to the root partition.

A PATH entry to the Anaconda directory tree is prepended to the system path so that the Anaconda python and its packages take precedence over native system python and packages.

I may be unimaginative, but IMO the above is pretty hard to create conflicts.

As for Fedora issues, I haven’t an inkling what’s going on over there… but I did come across a blog a couple weeks ago.



Sory for my English.

I tried to make a btrfs layout from Fedora installer like the one of openSUSE. I was not able to make it.

About the “Fedora btrfs issues”. I did not say that Fedora has some problems. Only that they have someone (from Facebook not Red Hat) to help for possible (future) problems.

I’d also consider the openSUSE layout of BYRFS volume and subvolume a bit on the complex side so might not be easy to replicate.
So, I’m just thankful that someone with talent contributed to setting up our openSUSE layout for us because it works well.


Fedora does not enable the same implementation of BTRFS like in Suse for now.
As for someone from Facebook. I forgot his name but I think he is one of the original creators or maintainers of BTRFS and worked maybe even for Red Hat or Oracle. I heard an interview but I always forget the names.