btrfs-balance and its friends won't stop eating my CPU for 20+ hours straight

Yesterday i removed all the snapshots as they filled my SSD, leaving no empty space.
I still see a bunch of snapshots in /.snapshots (Snapper doesn’t see them), which annoys me.
Also processes btrfs, btrfs-balance, btrfs-worker, btrfs-transacti and snapperd are using 100% of CPU for 20 hours or something like that. I barely can use my browser, everything works very bad.
I checked /etc/cron-blablabla directories and didn’t found any btrfs related tasks. I removed snapper-zypp-plugin or whatever is it named, removed automatic snapper use by YaST, should i just wait not for the process to end naturally? Been waiting till yesterday already.
I have a brand new laptop with an i5, and i had no hardware issues previously.

How did you remove all the snaps? In any case you should not ever remove ALL snap shots you need at least the original one. My advice is to just bite the bullet and reinstall. Maybe someone else has a better idea

Snapper won’t let you remove the original snapshot so it stays present.
Btw SUSE died and can’t boot now. Btrfs documentation says it’s most likely fragmentation and i should run

btrfs fi defrag /

which i can’t really do because system in recovery mode doesn’t see my discs. Should i mount them manually? At the moment i have no success with that strategy, btrfs finds some issues in /dev/sdb and starts to fix them, hanging the whole system.
Maybe i should boot from live dics and try to fix partitions?

i can’t just rm rf and reinstall because then i’ll have to spend next month installing all the stuff i need to work :frowning: like i already did in October

Alright, I was able to boot from live USB with Leap 42.3, mount my btrfs partitions manually via

ls /dev/sd*
cd /home
mkdir sda1
mount /dev/sda1 /home/sda1
mkdir sda2
mount /dev/sda2 /home/sda2
mkdir sdb1
mount /dev/sdb1 /home/sdb1

and then defrag by

btrfs fi defrag -v -r /home/sda1
btrfs fi defrag -v -r /home/sda2
btrfs fi defrag -v -r /home/sdb2

(posting this just in case someone encounters the same problem)

Now i have an old-new problem: no space on the disc, and i do see snapshots, but snapper doesn’t:

**linux-09ga:/home/artyom #** cd /.snapshots
**linux-09ga:/.snapshots #** ls
**1****10****23****24**  grub-snapshot.cfg
**linux-09ga:/ #** snapper ls
Тип    | # | № of preliminary snapshot | Date                     | User         | Cleaning| Description           | Data
single | 0 |                           |                          | root         |         | current               |        
single | 1 |                           | Sat 14 oct 2017 11:31:46 | root         |         | first root filesystem |       

They take extra 70 GB of space -.- and as far as i know, i can’t just remove them via rm -rf because this will break the system.

What should i do if snapper doesn’t see snapshots, but they exist and take all the space?

Seems that the only reason Snapper was blind was the lack of XML file in the snapshot directory. Made the files manually. Snapper was able to see them and remove. (posting in case some comes here from Google).

Seems that’s all for now. Thanks!

Something I found in a search:

Edit: …and you solved it. ;-]