bt878 w/4 ports only shows /dev/video0

I have a Sensoray 611 adapter on 11.0.
It has 4 ports of video, but only 1 bt878 chip, so the capture rate will be slow but that’s ok for my app.
I don’t have any cameras hooked up yet, but shouldn’t I still see the /dev/video? devices.
I only see /dev/video0 -> /dev/video.
Yast only shows “1-TV” with card name Bt878. It is 1-TV and not 0-TV becuz I formerly had a PVR-150 adapter.

Anyone have any idea why I can only get the single video port?

The card is here: Frame Grabber

Is it possible that each port’s vide will come in on /dev/video0 even though there are 4 ports. This would be OK actually.
Or should I see 4 /dev/videox devices.