BT mouse works flawlessly in Leaps, but keeps disconnecting in Tumbleweed

I got an old problem with BT mouse (Microsoft 3600) on my laptop (Dual Band Wireless-N 7260). On Tumbleweed it works for several minutes and then disconnects, restarting BT (OFF then ON) helps temporarily. With Leaps the mouse works perfectly - comparing the differences maybe makes it easy to identify the reason and cure?
Thanks for the help.

PS. By the way, the same problem is with Manjaro and Debian (rolling distros as TW?).

Welcome to openSUSE Forums. This may well be a power management issue. If so, you could try installing/configuring tlp to help with this.✓&q=tlp

In particular…


Exclude bluetooth devices from autosuspend mode:

  • 0 – do not exclude
  • 1 – exclude

Same issue here with BT mouse. Took the pc system to the garage so we finish installing the new tires and forged wheels on the Wrangler before address the error code. After a couple of minutes the mouse disconnect as well. Deano I will check those links. Thanks