Bsnl connection on opensuse

due to my regular switching of opensuse to windows my pc hard disks boot sector was finaLLY Destroyed… It couldnt take it anymore
so Now i have got an ultimatum to either use opensuse or use windows
And as i am very new to suse… I would like to know how to connect to the internet of bsnl connection in 11.2 from the beginning to the end… i dont want to miss out one single point…
If i cant connect on the net thru opensuse… then i would have to go back to old windows drab xp

I’ll be the first to ask ;“What is a bsnl connection?”

A service provider? DSL? Cable? Satellite? Fibre? PPPoE?

Bsnl is a broadband connection… and its govt provided… so it wont be good.:’(. but anyways… they say its a modem… which is atttached to our phone lines, and has four lights… saying power DSL Internet and pc/usb… So i think its a DSL Modem zxdsl 831aii… Thats all i know of;)

hello zeldafan_mimo…

I found your thread by browsing aimlessly in opensuse sites. I think my blog can help you to get rid of the problem of n/w in openSuSE 11.2:

prototype777: BSNL Broadband on openSuSE Linux rocks!

Another thing… you told that MBR of your HDD was corrupted. I think if you want to keep Windows as well as opensuse (i.e. dual boot) then install Windows 7/Vista (>:) the most buggy os I know)/XP from the very scratch; i.e. when installing just unallocate the existing drives and then recreate primary and logical drives one by one. Be aware to spare some unallocated space in your HDD, so that your openSuSE 11.2 can build its ext3/ext4 partitions.
MBRs are created by Windows (to be more precise IBM-pc compatible computers). Creating partitions in an unallocated HDD may recreate the MBR also.
If that plan does not work then you should have to recover your MBR using HDD tools provided by “Hiren’s Boot CD”]( (which is a live CD). This is the download link (free of cost): Hiren’s BootCD 10.2: Details

N.B.: Must install openSuSE (or any other linux distros) after installing Windows first and when installing openSuSE choose MBR as boot partition but not the “/boot” partition.
This will rewrite your MBR keeping a table for your windows and linux kernels too!

Hope this will help you! :slight_smile:

btw…who said gov. Provided net is buggy …perhaps i would say it is one of cheapest commodity provided by the government

yes… BSNL broadband is the best choice in India. Cheap and steady ~2Mbps speed meet our daily requirements. Sometimes people complain about line dropping… but I think this solely depends on the quality of service they get from their local PSTN zone, which does not signify the effectiveness of overall broadband service!
Errors in telephone line sometimes misunderstood as broadband failure…which is not right.