Bruning and Installing OpenSuSe DVD ISO 64bit

I downloaded the DVD ISO version of OpenSuSe version 11.2 64bit from openSUSE
I checked the iso file checksum after downloading and it was correct.
However after burning to DVD i booted from the disc and started the install. After getting passed the initial settings and it starts to extract all of the packages each file fails the checksum and will not install.

I tried downloading again on a different computer and burning again using UltraISO using the Disc-At-Once method, again checking the ISO file’s checksum before burning.

It still gives the same errors. So i loaded windows and started the windows based install and my anti-virus (Kaspersky) says the disc is infected with a trojan. How can the disc be infected when the ISO file’s checksum is correct?. The computer that i am using to burn the disc is virus free according to Kaspersky and Norton Technician Toolkit.

Thank you in Advance

P.S. Yes i know i misspelled “burning” in the title

Before installing, did you run the DVD’s media check from the splash screen? Because there are two more links in the chain you haven’t checked: the DVD and the drive.

I checked all 5 dvd’s that i made and each one has an error. Thanks for the heads up, i didn’t know that it had that ability.
But now the question is, the ISO that i downloaded clears the checksum, but after burning it has errors. What steps do i need to do to burn the ISO correctly?

I’m using UltraISO using the Disc-At-Once method and verifying after burning. UltraISO says that the disc was burned correctly. I’m using Sony+R DVD media.

I do notice though that UltraISO says that since the iso is over 4GB that it has to use the UDF file system. But i’ve used other programs such as ISOrecorder which i believe does not change the file system. I could be wrong however

Burn at a slow speed, preferably 4x or below.

Use good media.

The filesystem mentioned by the burn software is irrelevant because the image carries its own filesystem and you are burning it onto the DVD verbatim. And make sure you are really burning as an image and not creating a filesystem on the DVD. Though if you can boot and run the media check it should be right.

It could also be the drive. Is it a different drive from the burner?

I’ll try it at a slower speed.

I work at Staples and was using all of our demo computers to burn the DVD’s and installing them as well since it was a slow day. Every computer that i tried to install it on gave checksum errors when extracting the packages after preparing the hard disk. I also downloaded two ISO copies from two different mirrors.
Both have the same problem.

I’ll switch to HP DVD’s and record using a slower rate. The current burn rate was 16x (however i did burn it once to a DVD+DL which burned at 2.4x and still had problems)

Thanks for all the help though, i’m a windows expert not linux and i hate having a problem that i can’t solve on a computer.

An antivirus checking for Windows Trojans means nothing when looking at Linux binaries. It is just looking at bit patterns. The same bit pattern does not make In Linux may mean a totally different thing. System call are not the same.

Could also be the program you are using causing problems.

I like ImgBurn, works very well.

The Official ImgBurn Website

Some have had problems like this with disks burnt in windows where it has been solved by using a different burning program.