browsing windows shares in dolphin slow

at work I’ve got a pc running opensuse, but the domain is controlled by SBS 2003 server. All the work files are on it.
I can use samba and find the server in it’s workgroup, but then it takes aobut 30 seconds to prompt for a username and password, and then about 30 seconds between each request to look into a new folder. Once connected I can copy a file across at full speed, so it’s basically just the browsing of the shares that is ridiculously slow. One day I might try and figure out how to get the machine to join the domain but for the moment i just want to get it browsing windows shared folders without having to go and do something else between each folder click =)
I’ve STF’s and the net and haven’t come up with any answers for posts that have similar issues…they are all unanswered =)

as always thanks in advance, any help is appreciated