Browsing the forums super slow due to .php file from

So there seems to be a .php file embedded into every page:

that is making browsing the site a pain in the <curse><curse><curse><curse> butt.

It slows down rendering of pages usually by 4-5 seconds but on occasions it freezes the entire forum by up to 20-30 seconds - as you can imagine, this is starting to get rather annoying and as a matter of courtesy I’d love not to have to block as I do right now.

Known issue?

Navigating around the forum I’m not seeing any noticeable slowdown from here.

With (Firefox) cache disabled typical page load time is around three seconds, often less.

I don’t see this. Not in FF, not in Chrome, not in Brave. Cache? Cookies? Tried another browser?

Yep, I talked to Malcolm in IRC about this - once I block this particular .php file from loading, everything is super snappy.

It’s rather weird - I wonder what it even does.

Seems the issue has gone the way of the dodo. No idea how or why but it seems to work fine now.

I blame gremlins.