Browsing History shows up in "Search Bar"

I’m using Opensuse 11.0 with KDE 3.5

When I Open the main menu and use the Search Bar on the top, it will return my browsing history, even if I clear out my Private Data using firefox.

It bothered me because it showed my bank’s name/website and I don’t want any of that information to be available.

Please assist in removing my browsing history COMPLETELY, because obviously firefox’s “Clear Private Data” doesn’t do the trick!

Thank you!

You can try to use Shareaholic add-on of firefox but i am not sure whether it can clear all information completely.
Refer to the following post to install and use it.
Bryan technical world: A powerful Firefox add-on Shareaholic

I am not sure if it is a firefoxes awsomebar issue - I use it and I do not remember getting the history in KDE’s search. Sounds more like a beagle / kerry issue to me - do you have that installed?

If you want to disable awsome / smart location bar either install “configuration mania” add-on and use it or have a look here.

Notice that if you use the “smart location bar” - it will work always if you have a bookmark for that address - see the Note from here, e.g. if your bank homepage is available in your bookmarks it will autocomplete from the location bar - though using “configuration mania” you can enable the autocomplete only for the history items.

Good luck.

I do have beagle/kerry installed. I have actually cleared the beagle history as it loads up in the task bar. I’ve come to the point where I’ve disabled it.

But the searches still show up!

I remember 10.3 had also a beagle-firefox package - maybe 11 has it too? Do you have it installed? There are also kde*-beagle packages.

Do you actually use kerry/beagle - uninstall them?

See here how to delete the beagle history.

Please note that I am only guessing here since I do not use this packages…

Did you read the links I gave you in the other thread?

Ghost, I will be trying all of the methods you’ve posted about when I get home from work. :slight_smile: Thank you very much! I will let you know of my findings.

I have the same problem!!

Using Opensuse 11.

How do I clear the history for beagle?