Browser is not loading (Internet working)

Hello guys,

I am new to this distro and I don’t know much about this linux. I have used only ubuntu, mint and a little bit of manjaro since now. The main reason for switching to open suse was the stability that open suse offers, but i encountered a very unpleasant issue which, i think, it is related to network/browsers.
It all started with chromium browser not long after installation of the OS. Randomly it won’t load youtube videos. I thought chromium was to blame, so i’ve tried the same youtube video on mozilla firefox. It loaded like charm, and everything seemed ok.
After some time, i had the same issues with mozilla. Not only youtube was not loading but also some other websites. The loading wheel was spinning on and on, but the page did not load. The problem still persists and i don’t know what options do I have beside changing the distribution. I have updated the os as it asked me to do this, i have installed flash player…
Did someone had similar issues?

My configuration is a 3-4 year old assus k53cb.
Any answer/hint is much appreciated.


Have you read the stickies in the Multimedia forum?

openSUSE is a stickler for supporting only FOSS, and anything that has a whiff of commercial licensing is not supported.
I suspect that any videos you might be able to view now on YouTube is compiled with an unlimited free license like Google’s WebM plays fine, but if it’s compiles in something else won’t play.

The stickies in the Multimedia forum describe how to install multimedia codecs which would be usable by most installed apps (there are exceptions).