Browse problem when using KVpnc and openVPN


I use KVpnc and openVPN to connect to my desktop at work from my laptop at home. This works fine, I can reach my desktop at the office from my laptop at home. The only problem is that when the Vpn connection is active I cannot use a browser on my laptop. In fact, I cannot connect to anything outside the office Vpn (like mail, chat etc).

I suspected it had something to do with the DNS servers at the office not being reachable from the Vpn so I added my “regular” DNS servers to the /etc/resolve.conf used when the Vpn is active, I added two lines in total on the form “nameserver <ip-address>”. This did not solve the problem.

I have searched the KVpn forums without finding anything, and the same goes for the openSUSE forums. Does anybody else experience the same problem?


The vpn server is redirecting your gateway through the vpn. Only your sysadmin can change that.

If you want to access the Internet from you laptop, you have to change your default gateway back.
You should first type route to find out your office’s gateway and remember it. Then :

route del default
route add default gw <gateway>

where <gateway> is the IP of the gateway provided by your ISP.

Then you can change/add DNS in /etc/resolv.conf if needed. I’m not sure it can work if the network manager is running though.