Brother Printer Problems

i am new to OpenSuse, but used Ubuntu before.
After connecting of my brother printer i see a strange issue going on.
THe printer prints, but the pages are all white.
I checked the configuration and it looks fine, except that it does not work.
Under ubuntu it did work. So strange.
I checked with the helpfile from opensuse and i try to install the driver with cupswrapper, but gives me an error (its already there even if i can not see it).
Is there a way to remove it from the repositories and install it fresh?
Or is there a different way to do it?
It is a Brother HL-2040 printer connected via USB.

Thanks for any suggestion.

See if this thread helps.

This might be helpful as well:

HowTo Install a Brother Laser Printer HL-2040 in Suse 10.x, 11.x + User Notes

I note Swerdna mentions:

Note added 19 November 09: The drivers from the Brother site do not yet work in openSUSE 11.2. Instead, use the driver for the HL2060 that comes with the openSUSE installation media &/or the oss repository. Change the default resolution from 300dpi to 600dpi and it will work fine. I’ll post here when Brother have rectified the situation.

This is probably relevant to your situation. Anyone know if the Brother drivers have been updated to work with 11.2 yet?

I thank for your response.
To be blank, i chose 150dpi (toner save). Perhaps thats the problem. I will report back :slight_smile:

On Fri April 9 2010 08:36 pm, deano ferrari wrote:
> This is probably relevant to your situation. Anyone know if the Brother
> drivers have been updated to work with 11.2 yet?
deano ferrari;

This seems to be corrected by updating the ghostscript library. See posts #19
and #20 in this thread:

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Completely forgot to update that to change it and recommend the ghostscript update. I’ll do it straight away.

PS I updated that last year but forgot to ftp the revised page to my site – #@!etc

OK, it works now.
To be honest i do not know if i installed the drivers or not since i got an error message as i installed them.
But this is the driver that worked for me.

Brother HL-2060 Foomatic/hl1250
also dpi set to 600.

I wish i could run in low resolution since i like to save toner, but i might need to consider a new printer.

Thanks again and problem solved (at least for me right now).:wink:

I Have a Brother HL-2040 and I have the DPI set to 300 and it works flawlessly at that setting. You may want to try that setting again with your current driver.

Cheers! :slight_smile: