Brother HL-2130 Printer Driver

Friend got a Brother HL-2130 Printer and couldn’t add printer using Yast as the drivers are not found by Yast.

I went to Brother Solutions Center : Brother Driver for Linux Distributions and downloaded the drivers provided by Brother.

rpm -ivh *.rpm

and everything works well.

How could we prompt the developers to update openSUSE so that these working drivers can be added into Yast to benefit future users.

It would probably be difficult for the developers to keep track of changing drivers and locations, since third party vendors are not generally committed to working with the Linux community.

On the other hand, perhaps a sticky article with a list of known working drivers and their current locations will be better for the user community.

Here is my contribution to such a potential article:
My printer is an all in one Canon MP210 and its drivers (as well as the scangearmp program to drive the built-in scanner) are found here (at the moment):


For the printer both the commons and the mp210 rpms are required. The scangearmp driver is also in two parts.

I hope this helps someone.


Any admin here,

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