Broken multilib devel packages in OpenSUSE Leap 15.4

While attempting to build Wine, I’ve run across a few packages that seem to be problematic.
Specifically vulkan-devel-32bit depends on an OLD version of vulkan-devel that is no longer in the repos, Wine’s config script is unable to locate libdbus-1-3-32bit, gstreamer-plugins-base-devel-32bit and krb5-devel-32bit, and there is no systemd-devel-32bit (for libudev).
Some of those aren’t needed, but gstreamer and Vulkan are used heavily in Wine.
Is there a (possibly historic) reason why these 32-bit packages are broken? If I recall correctly they were broken in the last release too (Leap 15.3).


Attempting to build Wine in the “openSUSE Build Service” (OBS) or, privately?

  • If OBS then, yes, you’ll have to rework the dependencies in your private OBS environment and, submit Bug Reports to get the repairs to “official” dependencies executed.
  • If privately then, within your Build environment you have a free hand with the dependencies the Wine code needs.

The Leap 15.4 and Leap 15.3 Wine packages are built within the SUSE Backports environments:

On the other hand, the Tumbleweed builds are executing within the openSUSE Factory environment – <>.

  • And, none of these builds are indicating errors.

You could submit a Bug Report (same login as this Forum) to alert the build teams of this issue.

Yes I was attempting to build privately.
I guess it probably would be best to learn how to use OBS at this point.