Broken KDE splash

Good day

I managed to somehow break the KDE splash theme (ksplashx) with my upgrade from Tumbleweed 11.4 -> 12.1

What happens is the splash is working fine, but it’s still using the old background and I’m not sure where to check or set it.
I have checked in System settings -> Workspace Appearance -> Splash Screen and ksplashx-suse is displayed correctly but as soon as I test it it runs with the wrong background as well.

I also had a look in /usr/share/kde4/apps/ksplash/Themes/ksplashx-suse but everything is fine there as well.

The only thing I can think of is that there’s a configuration file / symlink somewhere that needs changing or KDE uses a compiled package from the theme that needs to be re-built.

Try deleting from a terminal, without login into KDE the

The one that I forgot, … cached copy …

Well that fixed / solved it.