Broken Configure Desktop Utility

Greetings: I have somehow broken the “Configure Desktop” utility in KDE4. It will not launch when logged in as user. However, it will launch when logged in as root. Any ideas?

Open a terminal window (as regular user), and enter ‘systemsettings’. What messages are broadcast (if anything)?

I would suggest you review this thread:

Done. No messages were returned.

Read my last post.

I checked the suggested forum. The symptoms reported there are not quite the same as what I am experiencing. I have just upgraded to Suse 12.2 (new install) and this utility was working at first.

I apparently broke it when I attempted to recover the default KDE Plasma desktop (3D rectangle with app icons) which I had inadvertently deleted from the desktop palette. Following instructions posted on a forum addressing this issue, I renamed the .KDE4 directory .KDE4.old (@CLI: mv .KDE4 .KDE4.old) and restarted the system. This brought back the original KDE4 desktop and everything except “Configure Desktop” appears to be working normally. My guess is that something didn’t regenerate properly on the restart or some file permissions somehow got changed in that I can open “Configure Desktop” when logged in as root.

Create a new user account, then log in to that, and see if ‘systemsettings’ runs properly from there.

If the problem is caused by Profile data/settings, the suggestions made should resolve.

But, sometimes I’ve found that a KDE function/applet itself has corrupted or lost component connectivity. To resolve, I’ve simply force re-installed likely KDE components, if I can’t be certain which components I force re-install all KDE packages.


Am I understanding right that you login to the desktop as root? That’s a big no-go. Loads of posts in the forums why you shouldn’t.

Did you perform the action whilst being logged in? Then give it a retry when nog being logged in, i.e. perform the renaming from the console without being logged in on the KDE desktop:

In the login screen hit Ctrl-Alt-F1.
Login with username and password

mv ~/.kde4 ~/.kde4.original

Now hit Ctrl-D
Next hit Ctrl-Alt-F7
Login to KDE using username and password.

Now you should have the default KDE desktop
NB I don’t support this workaround since it does not only reset the plasma settings, it also removes all other KDE settings and data. Rather just remove the plasma* config files from ~/.kde4/share/config**

This procedure resolved the issue. I now have the ability to configure the desdktop from User. Fortunately, I had just begun to setup KDE4 and therefor didn’t have a lot configuration data to loose. Thanks for the warning about logging in as Root. I did that as a troubleshooting step to further identify the anamoly.