Broken 3D functions in Tumbleweed

My system: Late model HP desktop PC with built-in HP graphics, running fully-updated Tumbleweed.

I know this has been discussed here, but I’m wondering if anyone has heard of a fix…

It seems that the 3D functions have been broken in recent updates - I use (used to use) FreeCAD which worked fine before on this system, but now is broken (won’t even start). I understand this is also true of other 3D apps, including Blender and others.

I had hoped that the FreeCAD AppImage would work, but it too fails, with numerous complaints about missing MESA and open-GL functions.

Anyone hear any news about this, or have a work-around?



This sounds like that you have Mesa installed from different sources: packman and OSS repo. If this is the case, make sure that you switch all Mesa packages either to packman or OSS repo…

And without providing more information (hardware specs, drivers, repos, terminal output…), one can only point you to the obvious troubleshooting page…

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