broadcom-wl randomly breaks with updates or certain installs of unrelated packages.

The behavior is that the NM shows it as perpetually ‘connecting’ without ever actually connecting.

First time I saw this behavior was the first time I installed Bumblebee (which didn’t work anyway so I rolled my system back.)

Second time was after installing the newer Fluendo Codec Pack, but not with an older version.

Third time was after a standard system update, at which point simply rolling back became an unacceptable fix for my wifi.

Problem is the ‘wl’ broadcom driver is proprietary
It’s from an external source (Packman)
Bug reports via the opensuse bug system will likely fall on deaf ears.

From what you say, it sounds unlikely to be related to the Fluendo package

As for Bumblebee, I can’t say for sure. But if it involves a different Kernel, then yes.

Standard system updates may involve kernel updates, but Packman are usually in sync with those.

I think I read your post in the Mailing List and IIRC your device is riding on the edge of unpredictability for a Broadcom device