broadcom-wl-kmp-desktop Need help!

I installed Opensuse 13.2 yesterday, it comes with Kernel 3.16.7-7
broadcom-wl-kmp-desktop in packman repository refers to never kernel 3.16.7-13 which wose revoken. But paclman updated broadcom drivers and older versions are not available :(((
I really googled but failed to find :frowning:
Please help me with RPM broadcom-wl-kmp-desktop which corespondents to my kernel. :’(

You may have to wait for this to be fixed at the packman repo.

Here’s the rough history of what happened:

  1. A kernel update was released.
  2. It was discovered that the update broke driver compatibility (for third party drivers).
  3. The packman broadcom-wl driver was updated to deal with the problem.
  4. The kernel update was withdrawn, as a different way of dealing with the problem. A new update will be coming soon.

For most folk, withdrawing the kernel update prevents them from running into broadcom-wl problems. Those who did already update can simply boot to the previous kernel and uninstall the latest kernel.

Unfortunately, you did your install in the middle of this when the broadcom-wl driver did not match any kernel currently available. I guess you will have to wait it out - try to manage with an ethernet cable for a few days.

And in the future, please don’t double-post.
PS: Ok, it’s not really a double-post, but no need for a new thread I think.