Broadcom Drivers install from offline


I have an dell inspiron 600m currently and I can’t seem to get the wireless drivers to work because it has no internet. It seems that the hardware of the built in wired internet is broken so I have no internet on the computer and there is no way to get internet until the broadcom drivers are installed for the wireless.

I know about the /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware and I have tried running it but unfortunately it points to a url to get the specified wireless drivers. I have tried navigating to that url to get the file to install the driver on another internet endowed computer and it has not worked.

Moral of the story is can someone hook me up with the following files so I can basically run the script offline because I can’t seem to find them:

File 1:
Firmware 1:

File 2

Please help this is driving me crazy. Maybe theres some other way to do it too that I just don’t know about. If so please enlighten me.

I’m running the inspiron 600m with a 32 bit version of openSuse 11.1.


Note: those are the files in the script that i need to access and can’t seem to.

TheGingerEffect wrote:
> Note: those are the files in the script that i need to access and can’t
> seem to.

Go to the wireless subforum and read the stickies. There is a section
in the third one that tells you exactly what to do!


I hate to be the type of person that says this in an opensuse forum but I gave up and switched to ubuntu. I found the offline file I needed with some difficulty but managed to pull it off in ubuntu.

sorry to hear that. Did you try searching the broadcom site for rpms for your device. At one time, i had to install drivers straight from the broadcom site.

Just download and copy it using a USB device. then run that.

Here is a link that you could have tried.

I don’t know if you know rpm base distros but all you had to do after copying it is run rpm -ivh [package]