Broadcom driver problem

i got a;;;;i get a lot of errors like failed dependencies:ksym(desktop:_kmalloc)=12da5bb2 is needed…and lots of such lines;;;what do they imply???:frowning:

They imply dependencies. You picked the wrong repo…Now you have the one for the kernel from the update repo, you should have the one for the default installed kernel.
The “8” right after …6.31 should be a “5”. That’s where you get all the errors from. This one needs the updated kernel 2.6.31-8 instead of what you have, the 2.6.31-5

Please give the correct repos please:(

I already did in the other post. Problem was you don’t know how to download it, or am I wrong?

Anyway, here’s another one, you can download it on the windu side:

Download it to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP

Then reboot into openSUSE. Open a terminal window and issue command:

su -c 'rpm -iUvh /windows/c/WINDOWS/TEMP/broadcom-wl-kmp-desktop-'

This will ask you for your root password, and install the driver. Reboot, and you should be able to use the device.

well the result…:
an internal system error has occured :
a problem that we were not expecting has occured.please report this bug in your distribution bugtracker with the error description.
more details:
[PK_TMP_DIR]dir:///var/tmp/Tmpdir.flF5Wq].rpository already exists…i checked at this path… nothing was there
i even tried
rm <this path>
it says file not found:’(:’(:’(