broadcom 4312 with opensuse 11.2 not going

I got this working with 11.3, but the multitude of other things I could not fix with 11.3 on this netbook led to trying 11.2.
I cannot get the wireless to work though. I’ve been home for two days this summer, and no hotel I’ve been to seems to understand that I want a wired ethernet cable to try to get the wireless going. It doesn’t help that I’m now in Brazil and can’t speak Portuguese and end up finding that I was charged for internet service (wifi) that was as useless as this netbook with Linux and a *&^#@! Broadcom 4312 chipset.
The 1-click install is not an option. Anything that requires an internet connection is not an option. I cannot get the wireless working again. Is there a way to install the needed drivers and software without an internet connection? I do have a flash drive.

No, forget it…

If you will have wired connection, make this:

Add repository:

# zypper ar -f packman

Looking for driver and install it:

# zypper se Broadcom
#zypper in broadcom-wl

and another…

Also… you have to see something like this

After that, you get new interface wlan0 (or maybe eth1), and can configure it with your applet (nm-applet or networkmanager-kde4 or another).

Good luck :wink:

Thank you for the response. It helped even though I didn’t get a wired connection.
I went to the URLs in the zypper commands on a standard browser on another computer, then downloaded the rpms for broadcom-wl and broadcom-wl-kmp-… to a flash drive to put into the netbook with Linux.
It didn’t work at first, then it occurred to me that I have 11.2 installed and was looking in the 11.3 directory. The similar rpms from the 11.2 directory worked.
The firmware had been installed by previous attempts, but without the packages you suggested, it wouldn’t go. Thank you very much! The wireless is now working.