broadcast a stream of audio

can someone explain what i need to set up an internal stream broadcast so i can send an audio signal around my LAN?

with my old windows setup i was using Oddcast and Icecast simultaneous

here is what i would like to accomplish:
set up server computer to broadcast ALL its audio to the LAN
play some music
pick up the signal through a client computer

i need to know what software to install to accomplish this aim.

please advise.

I haven’t played with audio broadcasting to a LAN, but icecast server is available for Linux.

do i need oddcast WITH icecast or does icecast do it all in linux?

I don’t know anything about *cast. I just know that icecast exists for Linux. There is always

I installed Icecast and Ices.
Have successfully set up the broadcast… well I dont know if there is actually sound coming through or not.

So far, I cannot get my RokuSoundbridge to connect to the broadcast.
My iTunes on my Mac connected, but no sound came through.
here is what the access.log reads: - - [12/Oct/2008:14:58:05 -0400] "GET /schmactop-pandora.mp3.m3u HTTP/1.0" 200 98 "-" "Roku SoundBridge/3.0" 1

Also, what is the best way to see logs actively? I only know vi to view them. There must be a way to see active output to the logfiles.

please advise,

additional information:
as I mentioned itunes on my mac was able to connect, but i could hear no sound coming through the speakers. here is the access.log entry: - - [12/Oct/2008:15:02:27 -0400] "GET /schmactop-pandora.mp3 HTTP/1.1" 200 50473 "-" "iTunes/8.0.1 (Macintosh; N; Intel)" 2

it seems that it is not a network issue, but maybe a configuration issue with ices or icecast.
anyone know?


more information from ices.log:

[2008-10-12  15:13:36] INFO ices-core/main IceS 2.0.1 started...
[2008-10-12  15:13:36] INFO input-oss/oss_open_module Opened audio device /dev/dsp at 2 channel(s), 44100 Hz
[2008-10-12  15:13:36] INFO input-oss/oss_open_module Starting metadata update thread
[2008-10-12  15:13:36] INFO audio/downmix_initialise Enabling stereo->mono downmixing
[2008-10-12  15:13:36] INFO audio/resample_initialise Initialised resampler for 1 channels, from 44100 Hz to 22050 Hz
[2008-10-12  15:13:36] INFO encode/encode_initialise Encoder initialising in VBR mode: 1 channel(s),22050 Hz, quality 0.000000
[2008-10-12  15:13:37] INFO signals/signal_usr1_handler Metadata update requested
[2008-10-12  15:13:37] DBUG metadata/metadata_thread_signal meta thread wakeup
[2008-10-12  15:13:37] WARN metadata/metadata_thread_signal Failed to open file "pandora" for metadata update: No such file or directory
[2008-10-12  15:13:37] INFO stream/ices_instance_stream Connected to server:

looks like there is an issue from the metadata name… maybe?