Brightness keys won't work. OpenSUSE 12.1 @ Samsung NP300 with Intel video

My brightness keys (fn+F3, fn+F4) are not working. In ArchLinux i fixed this recently adding


to kernel boot parameters. But in OpenSUSE 12.1 it won’t work.




can’t make my keys working here.

Help me please.

On 01/26/2012 10:36 AM, twinpigs wrote:
> Help me please.

leave either or both of those in the boot options and then one the first
green screen during boot press F5 and select “system V” like in this

if that works, then you can make it happen every time…(the forum has
tons of examples) and you should probably also join one of many bug
reports on systemD…or if no one else has raised the brightness a
symptom of the systemD problem, then you need to start one:

READ all the neat stuff about openSUSE here

Not works :frowning:

On 01/26/2012 06:56 PM, twinpigs wrote:
> Not works

i guess then yours is a problem with the 3.x kernel; did you come from
Arch 2010.05? it had a an older kernel–like openSUSE 11.4, you could
try loading that…

or, if need be then use what works for you! (the Arch Linux you were
using) and try openSUSE again later…these thing have a way of getting
fixed with time–if folks log their bug, you should do so…

have you TODAY checked what they say about us at


Just for information: Arch kernel never can be older then SUSE kernel because Arch is rolling. That keys worked till 3.2.1 kernel, till them was broken by udev update. Now ( udev is repared, and i maybe really go back, as you say.

By the way:
The arch guys seem to write:



Pardon my mistype here (that “martini” is myself :slight_smile: )

Can’t remember: did i really wrote just “backlite” in SUSE… But anyway Arch is installing back on my laptop right now.

On 01/27/2012 04:56 PM, pistazienfresser wrote:
> acpi_backlite=vendor
> acpi_backlight=vendor

HA! didn’t notice!

Read about openSUSE

shame on me!!! you are so right! this mistype really made me fool! acpi_backlight=vendor WORKS!!!

great thanx to all. I’m very sorry about my stupidity, and immediately return open SUSE to my notebook.

What about giving the brightness a value in grub so I don’t have to lower the brightness every time the computer starts.Like 50 or 50%.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P855-S5200.

Whenever in openSUSE 12.3, if I try to use my brightness keys it puts it to sleep or standby.

Another small complaint, when using Gnome by touch pad won’t allow me to use both fingers on the pad to scroll up/down. Not a big issue but it’s easier than clicking and dragging. KDE lets me do it, no problem!

Chances are I’m not educated enough to figure out how to enable my brightness keys or change their function. So, in advance to any responses, please be thorough. :cool:

Thanks All.


Please start a new thread for your Toshiba Satellite P855-S5200 laptop. Thanks.