Brightness Keys Don't Work Properly On Acer Aspire 4315

Hi, I Recently Installed openSUSE 11.0 On My Laptop. The Brightness Keys Function ( ie: the brightness changes, but then the screen just goes straight to some predefined brightness level. this happens with both the brightness down and up keys. this also happened in mandriva 2008.1 which was on this laptop before openSUSE. this laptop shipped with ubuntu ( gutsy i think ) where the keys worked fine, but i prefer kde ( and YAST :slight_smile: )

does anyone have any idea if i might be able to fix this, its really annoying, as occassionally i want to just change the brightness ( also there is no osd. i thought openSUSE had one. if there is supposed to be something then i might have a bad keymap… )


Are the acer kernerl modules installed?

i believe so:

modprobe -l | grep acer

lsmod | grep acer
acer_wmi 27572 0
led_class 21764 1 acer_wmi
wmi 24488 1 acer_wmi

i believe i may need to change my keyboard layout or something


Hi Again,

additional info:

  • Under KDM ( Not Logged In ) It Works Fine
  • Logged In With KPowerSave: No Go
  • Logged In Without KPowerSave: Works Beautifully

conclusion: i won’t run kpowersave, as it prevents manual brightness control.