Brightness isn't working

Hey, I’m having a really strange problem, when I turn on openSUSE, the brightness is fine. However, as soon as I log in the brightness gets obnoxiously low. I have a MacBook Pro 7.1 with openSUSE 11.4 KDE

On my laptop, I can see the brightness drop as I login. However, that is because I have set the brightness lower in KDE.

I suggest that you check the “Power management” settings, particularly the “Power profiles” section.

I tried that, I cranked the brightness up all the way on every power profile, disabled dim display, clicked apply, and nothing happened.

Hi coolbeans777

I see you haven’t yet responded my posts to your earlier thread. Maybe this problem is influenced by the graphics driver…

I have the same problem. I also have the same hardware (Mac Pro) and opensuse 11.4 with KDE. Until I login the brightness is good and when it logs me in the brightness drops suddenly. Editing the power profiles (also global power settings etc.) did not help.

Any suggestions ?

I have upgraded from 11.3 to 11.4 yesterday. Everything else seems to be working fine. I am happy that skype is working at last :slight_smile: Only issue is the screen brightness.

I just installed openSUSE 11.4 on my 2010 Macbook Pro 13". Confirm screen brightness issues as reported but found a workaround. In short, I installed the nVidia (proprietary) drivers and the screen is nice and bright. The downside of this is you cannot use your Fn+F1 & Fn+F2 keys to adjust brightness. Instead, use the nvidia-settings utility to adjust the brightness via a dialog GUI.

To install the nVidia proprietary drivers, refer to this link (I used the repository way and installed the G02 driver and the nvidia-settings utility) - SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

Hope this is useful for the next person installing openSUSE 11.4 on Macbook Pro. :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve also blogged about this last year (using openSUSE 11.3 and most of the steps are still relevant) at Selling Free Software for a Living: My Mac-SUSE Journey - Part 1