brightness/contrast control sliders have no effect in totem


Since I never got any response in the multimedia section, I continue to post here.
The original problem was this: brightness/contrast control sliders have no effect in totem - openSUSE Forums

I recently found that there is indeed a totem-xine package in the gnome repo, instead of the packman repo where it always has been. This means I now use xine as a backend for totem instead of gstreamer. Unfortunatly, moving the sliders of brightness and contrast still do not change anything.
Back in opensuse 10.2 and 10.3 I could fix the problem by opening xine itself, and enabling postprocessing with the eq and eq2 filters. I can still do this now in xine, and this makes it possible for me to change brightness in xine player, but totem however still doesn’t change anything after enabling postprocessing in xine.

I noticed 1 change though in xine. After closing xine, the postprocessing filters eq and eq2 are all removed. I have to re-enable them every single time I start xine. Anyway this leaves me without any clue on how to make brightness work in totem. Any hints or tips? I really need this brightness control since the standard output is just too dark.