brightness applet gnome doesn't work

after latest update brightness regulation is no more working on 11.2

If you have Desktop Kernel
Try Default or PAE, that sorted it for me in KDE

no way in gnome even with standard desktop. any idea how to manage brightness? it’s too much…

No way what?!
Just switch kernel.

Surely there is a power control in gnome though?

no way to change brightness even with standard kernel.

I tryed to switch to kernel default: no brightness controll on my samsung r519 con video Intel GMA X4500 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0
then I tried the option acpi_osi=Linux on grub. still nothing. nor function keys nor gnome applet work
then I tried the option acpi_osi=!Linux … but still nothing to do.
nay ideas or link to set brightness control?
in ubuntu gnome applet works just right. switching to ubunt is my last resort.

This worked for me on my Samsung R519:

Setting the Display Brightness on a Samsung R519 laptop « Pim’s linuxlab