Bridging two interfaces - Why do I see only one side of the bridge?

Hi again!

I have a 13.2 openSUSE with 3 network adapters, 1 for the local network and VNC, the other two (on one Intel (iirc) card) to build a bridge to be monitored by wireshark. Networkmanager, not wicked is running, all three network adapters are configured

I installed bridge-utils and and did the following with the two interfaces of the bridge:

ifconfig eth1 -arp promisc up 
ifconfig eth2 -arp promisc up 
brctl addbr br0 
brctl addif br0 eth1 
brctl addif br0 eth2 
ifconfig br0 -arp promisc up

with enp2s0f1 and enp2s0f0 as eth1 and eth2, respectively.

Afterwards I start wireshark on the br0 interface, but I only see one side of the communication on the net (the client site), nothing coming from the router. Switching the RJ45s does not help, so apparently both network cards are intact…

I had this setup up and running more than once in the past, dunno why it’S a problem this time. Anything like firewall blocking my bridge?

Any help highly appreciated!

Kind regards


PS: Switched to wicked in Yast and set the adapters to "no link and IP-config (bonding slaves)

Reboot, new bridge created. added the interfaces in different order to the bridge. Now I see the other side of the network in wireshark, but not the client. What am I missing here?:frowning:

Disabled firewall before building the bridge, then it works fine… How to disable the firewall only on the two bridge adapters? :-/

My guess is that if you open the YAST SUSE FW applet, you’ll find that one interface is assigned to a “public zone” and the other is assigned to a “private zone.” That’s the default, and different policy rules are assigned to each zone.

Simple solutions…
Disable the firewall if you’re not filtering
Assign both interfaces to the same zone, then the same rules will be assigned to both interfaces.