Bridging jack and alsa - possible?

Hi fellow geekos, I have a question:
How do I bridge jack and alsa with a quick hack(?) or with a script?

You might find an answer at JACK FAQ | JACK

If you don’t find your answer there, you could tell us what troubled water you are trying to bridge across, and which version of openSUSE and DE you are using for starters. :slight_smile:

KDE 4, openSUSE 12.3
How do I do this?

By explaining what you are trying to do, providing some more detail, as I already suggested.

12.3 uses the PulseAudio sound server by default, so what did you do with that in order to run Jack, an alternative sound server? Both use ALSA drivers at the lowest level. Perhaps your question is about how to disable PulseAudio?

There is another way to suspend PulseAudio while Jack is running, and that is explained at How use PulseAudio and JACK? | JACK (see Option 4). That worked for me on 12.3/KDE, although it hasn’t on previous releases.