Bridged connection from Windows 10 to tumbleweed (not vm)

Created the bridge, made sure both of the dns and ip information settings where the same. They connect, but no nternt connection. Please help

Computer I installed opensuse does not have any sort of internet connection.

Hi, welcome

Can you explain what you’re trying to achieve?

On the “forward” machine (closer to the Internet), you will likely need to configure IP forwarding from one interface to the other.
I haven’t done this for a very long time (setting up a machine as a bridge device), so exact details escapes me whether this can be done in YaST, but more likely you’ll need to configure an IPtables rule if the machine is your TW. If the machine is your Win10, I seem to remember there is an “advanced configuration” box to check…

Since you didn’t describe which machine is “forward” I can’t point you to specific documentation…

Most people don’t set up their machines as bridging devices, they set up as routers because the networking concepts are easier to understand…