Breitbandmessung - LAN connection not detected


for checking the bandwith of my internet connection I build the “Breitbandmessung Desktop App” ( ) by the help of the Debian package and ArchLinux PKGBUILD.
But when I start a check sequence I get an error “LAN connection not detected”.

Could someone from the German users (the app is available in German only) do me a favor and install the tool to check if it is only me with that error?



Thank you!

The developers of Breitbandmessung are complete stubborn, knowingless programmers which folliwed only the specification given by the government. In the specification it is written that Breitbandmessung has only to be running and compatible with deb based distributions. Several users asked to provide a rpm version but got always rejected with a standard response that deb is the major package format and they don‘t support distributions which use rpm package format.

Several attempts to run this crappy piece of software under an rpm based distribution failed. Give up…

Here a thread from Mageia forum

To get it running you should use a VM with one of these *buntus or Debian or MS Windows.


the OS check is patched out, thx to Arch :wink:

Anyway, I found a nice docker container, works really fine:


i tested again with the app. If I do the check with WiFI then it works just fine. Checking with LAN results in the above error.
So I agree the app is **** and a waste of time. But who wonders… I deleted my rpm as it is useless.

To perform the check campaign I can recommend this docker container:
With this container you can peform the checks in a fully automated way and you have a nice webgui that shows the app.

So to me this is now solved.