Breaking System

Hey, I have a graphics problem. I’m using an ARI Radeon HD 3300 onboard Graphic Card on a Quad-Core AMD Phenom 2 940 Processor. Whenever I try to update the driver for this (from the default graphics driver) it corrupts my partition (or atleast that’s what the rescue CD says) when it gets through checking and repairing it I try to reboot. I get to the GRUB selection and when I choose SuSE (failsafe or normal) it loads and then goes to a black screen. I’ve tried CTR + ALT + BACKSPACE to try and to kill the X Server, but it isn’t responsive. Any suggestions or any extra information I need to post, let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

At the grub boot menu, type 3 and boot to single user mode.
Login as root and issue the command:
/usr/bin/aticonfig --initial
Now run sax2 to configure the xserver.
After configuring, you can test x by running startx.
When happy, either reboot or logout of x and issue init 5 to go to the graphic login.