Brasero won't burn a DVD ISO

Hello, everyone.

1st - I’m new here

2nd - I’m trying to burn the OpenSuSE-10.3-GM-DVD-i386.iso that I downloaded on line, and the program states that “Burn is complete”, ejects the disk, and when I reopen the program, it says my DVD has 4.4GB left.

Is there any program that’ll burn DVD ISOs onto a DVD?

Thanks. Or, is there a solution?

I had the OS on my computer for 2 months.

The dvd you just tried to burn. Did you try reading the contents in a File Browser?
I use k3b so I can’t really say much more. But either your doing something wrong or maybe the dvd drive is borked.

Dude, there is nothing in the disk, completely 100% free space, 0% used.

Unless it’s the SCSI controller card.

The SCSI card I’m using for the DVD burner is the Silicon Sil 0680

The program burns CD ISOs fine, just the DVD ISOs.

I used a KDE version of the SuSE 10.3 on the system, but the system crashed…

that was 3 years ago.

Now, SuSE 10.3 GNOME works fine, just the software has bugs.

I’m trying to update the system, and it says that there are 262 mandatory updates that are about to be installed w/ the 1 additional update. The updates won’t install at all, how can I fix that?



So far I’m not sure you have actually said what version of openSUSE you are using (I know what you have trying to burn).

Open a terminal and post result of:

zypper lr

Users of other distros are reporting this same problem with Brasero not burning a DVD. I’ve heard that an update is supposed to be coming out to fix this problem.

Why did you choose to download openSUSE 10.3? That’s almost two years old and 11.1 is the most recent version.

Try burning the image within Nautilus. If you right-click the image, you should see an option to burn it to a disk.

have you ever considered k3b it never fails for me lol!