brasero nothing but useless trash

I just downloaded opensuse 11.1, hoping that a few of the fixes would
allow me to use the full power of my home built system. It turned out to
be a false hope and worse. The development team made unnecessary changes
to Nautilus which forced me to use Brasero to burn CD’S AND DVD’S.

Like KDE’s K3B, Brasero attempts to provide a GUI similar to that of
Nero for those who are impressed with pretty visuals. Like Nero, neither
K3b nor Brasero provide the simplicity of burning a disk with the ease
provided historically by MS Windows or Gnome Nautilus.

All three, Nero, K3b and Brasero, represent needless bloat and only an
imbecile would prefer any of them to the simplicity of the drag and drop
system provided by previous versions of Nautilus.

Hopefully, others will join me in my attempt to encourage the opensuse
team to encourage the Gnome people to stop wasting time on creating a
stand alone CD/DVD burning program and return to us the straight forward
simplicity of the drag and drop of Nautilus.:frowning:


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Hello !
Even though I prefer k3b to any other burning app, wich makes me an
imbecile to your eye, I’ll try to answer you :slight_smile:

Have you tried to type in


in the nautilus addressbar ?
If nothing happen, then you might wanna try to install the package
“nautilus-cd-burner” !
If you want even simplier, try to install and run “bashburn”…and if
you want the simpliest:
try “man cdrecord” in a console :slight_smile:

Who is the imbecile now :wink:

Have fun !


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