Brasero & GnomeCD/DVD Creator- Can't burn to disk

Hi, Brasero and Gnome CD/DVD is unable to locate the blank cd I’m trying to burn to. Brasero “Image Burning Setup” - Select image to write (I’m good with that) Then “select a disk to write to” "no available disk, then below it says “Please, insert a recordable cd/dvd” The area to choose a record-able is greyed out.
How can I get the program to identify the blank disk?

What happens if you put a Movie DVD in, are these recognised?

Not really, I can click and open the files on the DVD but can’t play them like a normal dvd player. (I tried both Xine and Mplayer with no success)
Also caf4926, I tried with an external DVD drive (USB) with no luck also.

Please run thru this carefully
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Once you have installed the packages, pay careful attention to this

I am assuming you are using 11.2??