Branching an entire repo


So I wanted to create my own repository containing everyting inside the 13.2 repo ( and have them all compiled with the -Os flag. At first I went thru one by one branching what was in the 13.2 repo into my repo, and got somewhat far. In about the couple of days I was doing it I got around 200 packages out of something like 1,700.

I think that there is an easier way. In several guides I read about bootstraping and copying project branches.This is one of the guides that I found that talks about it:

But my question is, would this work to branch an entire repo and if so, in the article it talks about inputing text. Where does the text go? In the project config? Also, is their any video tutorials of the OBS? I am more of a visual learner. Also is there an easier way?

Thank you!

Hmmm, first off I don’t think that’s a good use of a free resource, why not create your own OBS system locally and use local hardware?

Anyway, all you need to do is setup the project configuration %{optflags} (the bulk of rpms use this) and set the -Os flag instead of -O2.

Look at the existing project config for openSUSE 13.2;

Optflags: * -O2 -Wall -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector -funwind-tables -fasynchronous-unwind-tables

Then you would need to go through and figure out which ones don’t build with it…