Brake on the screen. Frozen characters.

My system has two monitors. I have installed Leap 42.2. some days ago. I have deactivated Nouveau driver and installed the Nvidia driver ver. 340.98. Wolfi323 and malcolmlewis helped me to install that driver, great thanks you. Multi-monitor system and Xinerama are functionate correct. Active windows and the mouse cursor can be move across two screens.

An unpleasant malfunction has occurred unfortunately. Keyboard and mouse work wrong - delay character output. When I type characters on keyboard, they arise in the text field (text box) on the screen is delayed for a few seconds (up to 1-2 seconds).

When I move the mouse my hand on my mat, corresponding to the cursor movement on the screen comes too late.

In the console window with running Midnight Commander highlight band selection in file panel does not move synchronously with the clicks of the keyboard cursor “up” and “down” is delayed for a few seconds (up to 1-2 seconds).

This unpleasant delay of characters input occurs are on 5-runlevel (“”) only, when xWindow works. This delay occurs both KDE window manager and IceWM window manager. Characters input-output system is working properly, when I load the OS Leap on 3-runlevel (“multi-target.user”)

I reinstall the OS Leap 42.2 twice: from DVD-disk and directly from the network. I had this unpleasant delay both times unfortunately.

Best regards

  • Dremu4ii