Brackets editor - menu text is not displaying

I’ve installed Brackets v 1.11, and I have a problem with the fonts in the application menu:

As you can see they are not displayed correctly.

I searched a bit and found here that on Arch Linux it could be solved by installing a libudev0 package, but I cant find it in openSUSE repos.

Does this happen only to me? How can I fix this on openSUSE?

Try to start it from terminal and post the Output here.

Where do you get Brackets?

If from OBS it’s not even built from source… deb files yuk!!

Starting from the terminal does not give anything special:

~> brackets

Yes, it was installed from the repo. Apparently this problem is not on openSUSE only, but on other distros some workarounds were found. I did some more research, it seems that this will be corrected in the next version.