Boxed Version DVD packages content sync

Hi all,

Would like to know what is the **EXACT **content in terms of packages version for the boxed version of OpenSuse available at shopNovell - Americas and Asia Pacific.

Thought that by the time someone purchase his/her box, he will receive the most up-to-date OpenSuse 11.0 packages from the stable branch, all of them already inside the dvd.

Am i right? Or someone will still have to update (zu) the packages from the 19 june release version?

Kinda creep for me.

by the time it’s delivered, more patches will be released,so you will have to update anyway.


Thx for ur answer.
So it means that the retail box’s dvd is not the same as the downloaded iso (in terms of content i mean) ?

content is nearly the same,except you get both 64bit & 32bit in the same box


OK! anyway, my box is already shipped.
just have to wait and when it’ll be here, i’ll post a feedback.