bout ready to give up

ok guys…here’s the deal…I’ve burnt the mini cd for the network install of opensuse and I’ve also burnt the entire dvd for opensuse and it won’t load. I have no clue as to how to boot up the loaded. can anyone please give me any ideas as to how to get this idiotic program to load before I finallt just give up on it altogether? thanks

What burning program and what steps did you use to burn the CD or DVD? You have to burn in image mode.

Even before that: Did you check that the downloaded file is correct using md5deep or something similar (you have Windows, right?) Is the file roughly the right size? About 100MB for the NET CD and about 4GB for the DVD.

Are you booting from the CD/DVD or trying to start it from Windows?

Basic question, but did you set the BIOS to boot from CD first?

Assuming you did all the basic stuff asked above, where does this fail? And what happens when it fails? I am thinking about a box I have that will not load the LiveCD or install from DVD because of a problem with a wireless card. If I remove the card, it installs perfectly and quickly. Putting the card back in after install prevents it from booting. This card works in Windows.

It is possible that you are doing everything right with good disks but there is some hardware issue you have to resolve.