Both Intranet and Internet using the same Domain Name?

I have a internet registered domain name and will be hosting a website on my intranet, the domain name will be published on my social media sites for connection to my website. Iā€™m using pfSense as my DHCP, unbound DNS and I want use my registered domain name as well for my intranet.

The reason is to have consistency accessing the same site internal and well as via internet, with other sites within the organization accessed only by authorized persons, especially members or employees. My question is, is this the normal way to use your registered domain name for this purpose or does the intranet domain name have to be different?

It is a common practice, to use the same name.

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It does not, but usually you want to access your servers using different (internal) IP address from within your Intranet. Which means you need to implement split DNS or maintain separate internal and external DNS servers.



Assuming that, your Intranet is using private IP addresses, please be aware of the Multicast DNS RFC text related to ā€œPrivate DNS Namespacesā€ ā€“ <>

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