Both BBC iPlayer Desktop and get_iplayer fail to download programmes.

Thought I’d let you know of my experiences… the BBC version of BBCiplayer worked well in 11.3 and in 11.4 it only plays live streams which makes it pointless. Having raised the issue with BBC I got the following response:

Thank you for contacting the BBC iPlayer Support Team.
I am sorry to read that you have been unable to access BBC iPlayer since upgrading your operating system.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer support for Linux distributions.

The BBC iPlayer message board is the best place to get further help BBC - iPlayer Message Board - Home.
Once again thank you for contacting BBC iPlayer.

Kind Regards
Andrew Gilfillan
BBC Audience Services

I’ve not managed to find the reason for the BBC’s iplayer not downloading but I think its a BBC programming bug as ref here. It works in Opensuse 11.3 so why not in 11.4?

We are aware that some users are experiencing issues after upgrading to the latest version of BBC iPlayer Desktop (V.3.0.10) and we’re currently investigating with the information you’ve sent us. If you are experiencing problems and would like to report your issue, please copy the log file and paste it into the final field of the Contact Us web form. Information on this can be found here.

Lets hope the bug is dealt with soon.

So just use get_iplayer
In Packman

Please excuse my ignorance… which front end is best with get_iplayer. I’ve tried it with XBMC and cannot download before playing. My internet connection isnt great so I have difficulty streaming and therefore need to download the files before playing. An easy to install (RPM is naturally preferred) GUI frontend would be nice. But which one would you recommend?

Install the get_iplayer-pvr which is a web based frontend? Or use the command line to download?

Watch it in use here